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"Love it as it’s so easy to clean and takes care of water damage from my nightly glass of water or morning cup of tea. Finally I am so relieved." - Olivia M.

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World's best furniture protection from heat stains!

Cover for any wooden surface
Zero heat stains due to hot cups or plates
Zero water bubbles
Perfect for all wood furniture

Includes Elegant leather desk mat. Easy to clean. 100% waterproof.

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  • Heat resistant: The material is heat-resistant. It won't get damaged even if you keep a hot pot on it or spill coffee.
  • Stain-free: The mat is stain-free. Don't worry about those spills now.
  • Firm Grip: This mat won't slip on a glass desk or varnished wood. It grips any wood surface.
  • Easy to clean: This mat can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. It is water-proof.
  • Multiple usages: You can use it to cover any wooden table or desk. From kitchen tables to workshop desk or your office desks.
  • Multiple colors: We have different colors for you to go with the color of your desk. Contact us for more colors.


You are troubled with that white foggy mark on your antique table. We both know how some guests are careless with their hot cups or cold/wet glasses.

You tried covering it with a table cloth but it instead got a burn mark and left one more white stain on the table.

You tried using your own methods but the veneer just came off!

You tried toothpaste, it didn't work.
You tried orange oil, it didn't work.
Tried running a hot iron over the spot over a towel, it didn't work..

I know many people don't have an issue with these darned things but you ain't one. You care about your dresser.

That's why I brought you this Elegant Leather Desk Mat.

It would help you from covering those heat stains. You don't have to worry anymore about "hot cups". It is a heat-resistant material, won't get damaged easily, and even if it did, better mat than your antique.

It's stain-free and waterproof. Spill coffee or hot water on it, just clean it with a cloth. It won't leak on your table surface creating water bubbles on the surface.

Whether you have varnished the table or have glass on it, it will firmly hold the surface causing safe protection to the surface.


Will it remove my heat stains?

No. It won't remove your existing heat stains. You can cover the stains and prevent any future stains.

Can I keep hot coffee or hot plates on it?

Yes you can easily keep a hot pan or hot plate on it. It won't get damaged.

Can I use it to cover my dining table?

Yes you can use on dining table or any other furniture. Its wood-friendly.

I have a table cloth. Why should I buy this?

Table cloth will get burn marks if you keep hot plates or pot on it. It may also get stained due to any spillage of food or coffee. That is why we have designed this mat.

Will it damage my table wood?

No, it is quite durable and breathable. It won't damage the surface.

If I spill my coffee/water on it, will it leak through it on my table wood?

No, we have tried spilling water and coffee on many pieces of furniture. Water won't touch your table surface.

If I spill coffee or any colored drink on it, will it stain?

No, it won't stain the mat as long as you wipe it before the liquid dries.

Can I clean in washing machine?

You don't need to trouble yourself with washing it in machine. You can easily clean it with a damp cloth.

Will the mat get damaged with I keep hot pan on it?

Please don't keep hot pan direct from the stove. It may get damaged.

Is it pure leather?

No. It is a vegan PU leather which just as good as pure leather. We only sell products that are environmentally safe.

What if I get wrinkles on the mat due to rolling?

Don't worry, just iron on the wrinkles and the mat would be good as before.

Does it smell?

Yes, it may smell like a new car on the first day but with time, the smell will just fade away.

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